Overall Aim, Objectives & Collaborators

COPE-Nano will create a new, autonomous, and self-sustained Centre of Excellence for FPEs & Nanotechnologies by leveraging the existing Nanotechnology Ecosystem of LTFN, and will establish it as leader in EU in basic, applied and industrial research in these rapidly emerging fields for applications in Advanced Materials, Energy, Electronics, ICT, Medicine, Agriculture.


Overall Aim of COPE-Nano

Establish a New, Autonomous, and Self-Sustained Centre of Excellence for Organic, Printed Electronics & Nanotechnologies that will

  • Develop Innovations on Flexible Printed Organic Electronics (FPEs), Bioelectronics and Advanced Nanomaterials for applications in Green Energy, Electronics, ICT, Medicine and Agriculture.
  • Enhance scientific and technological capacity of Greece, raising the research profile of the Greek and EU scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs based on close and intensive collaboration, networking and know-how exchange
  • Create initiatives and business activities with high-tech Industries
  • Strengthen and highly impact regional, national and EU scientific, technological and economic growth to lead in the Green Energy and Digital transformation priorities.


Project Phases & Objectives

Phase 1 (M1-M48):
Establish COPE-Nano
  • O1 Establish CoE Organization
  • O2 Boost R&I Performance of CoE
Phase 2 (M1-M72):
Increase R&I Excellence and Capacity
  • O3 Enhance Quality & Increase R&I Output
  • O4 Institutional/Systemic Reforms & R&I Investments
Phase 3 (M1-M72):
Networking & Sustainability
  • O5 Industrial Networking & Sustainability
  • O6 Socio-economic impact & Country's Innovation


COPE-Nano Collaborators Critical Mass

COPE-Nano has already built a critical mass of collaborators through the >30 Letters of Intent received from Europe and Saudi Arabia.

COPE-Nano map


EU Flag

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON EUROPE research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101059828.




Project Information


Call: HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ACCESS-01-two-stage
Type of action: HORIZON Coordination and Support Actions
Acronym: COPE-Nano
Title: Centre Of Excellence For Organic, Printed Electronics & Nanotechnologies
Duration: 72 months (1 May 2023 – 30 April 2029)