The Greek Paradigm in the Emerging Global Industry of 3rd Generation Photovoltaics, Conference

Thursday, November 30, 13:30-20:00, Electra Metropolis Hotel, Athens

Emerging PV Technologies Platform, Industry Day

The Greek Paradigm in the developing field of third-generation photovoltaics industry presents significant challenges and promising business prospects, propelling rapid progress toward achieving net-zero gas emission targets. Fostering innovation within the Greek industry and leveraging collaborative efforts with research excellence for the development of 3rd generation photovoltaics over the past decade, contribute to the growth of the green industry and renewable energy sectors, making the 2050 net-zero gas emissions target increasingly viable. The "Emerging PV Technologies Platform, Industry Day" Conference, co-organized by the Hellenic Association for Organic & Printed Electronics (HOPE-A) and the COPE-Nano Center of Excellence / LTFN AUTh, is scheduled for Thursday, November 30, from 13:30 to 20:00 at the Electra Metropolis Hotel in Athens.

The rapid advancements in renewable energy on a national, European, and global scale, recognized as a potent tool in fighting climate change, underscore the significance of Greek excellence and innovation in green energy and automated manufacturing. Given this context, it is necessary to immediately initiate and coordinate efforts among decision-makers in the industrial, research, public authorities, and institutional spheres in Greece. Immediate action is essential to harness the collective potential and steer the nation towards a sustainable and resilient future.

The objective of this conference and its related initiatives is to leverage the distinctive areas of technology and innovation cultivated within the country, primarily funded by the EU. Additionally, it aims to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the ongoing energy and digital transitions, with a view to enhancing the prospects for both Greek industry and society.

The swift pace at which the European Union and numerous governments globally are implementing new measures, legislation, and associated initiatives to attain net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by fully electrifying the entire energy landscape by 2050 (with an estimated 60% originating from photovoltaics) underscores their commitment to enhancing both the quality of life standards and food production for citizens, as well as addressing the needs of the growing global population. In this context, the collaborative efforts of industry, SMEs, high-tech production companies, and policymakers become imperative for the advancement of green energy and storage. Simultaneously, it underscores the necessity for cooperation with the political and government leadership of the country.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON EUROPE research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101059828.




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Call: HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ACCESS-01-two-stage
Type of action: HORIZON Coordination and Support Actions
Acronym: COPE-Nano
Title: Centre Of Excellence For Organic, Printed Electronics & Nanotechnologies
Duration: 72 months (1 May 2023 – 30 April 2029)